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By providing a rental deposit to Rented Gatherings (RG), you are acknowledging that you are entering into a binding contract with RG with the following applicable Terms and Conditions: 

1.    PAYMENT – A 50% non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of booking your rentals. Final payment is due 14 days prior to your rental date. If payment has not been received in full 14 days prior to your rental date order will be cancelled and deposit forfeited. No refunds will be granted for unused items. 

2.    DELIVERY – Please contact us for a custom delivery quote to your area.  

Delivery trucks must be able to unload furniture and décor within 20 feet of event space, without stairs, elevators or steep terrain.

Delays in access to the delivery and pickup location of rented items, portage of long distances or stairs, or delivery times outside of 10am-5pm may result in additional charges. 

Delivery fees for Design Enhancement orders, without RG set up service, include tailgate delivery and pick up only. Portage of these orders will result in additional charges.

Rental delivery times and return times are to be coordinated with and approved by RG 14 days prior to event date based on RG’s delivery schedule.

Some circumstances are beyond the control of RG’s delivery team including delays incurred by third parties that are out of the control of the driver such as construction, road closures, access restrictions, inclement weather, acts of God and other catastrophic events that may result in delays.

3.    SET UP – RG includes the set up and styling/tear down and repacking of our Packages (bar, lounge, sweet, welcome and head tables).

Any Design Enhancements (place settings, linens, florals, lighting, chairs etc.) ordered do not include set up.

RG can provide set up + styling of Design Enhancements based on availability and incurring a fee of $15 per guest, calculated on the total guest count. Please request set up service a minimum of 30 days prior to event date. Any delays in set up caused by client, venue or other rental companies may result in additional fees or cancellation of RG set up service without refund. 

4.    TEAR DOWN – You, the client, are responsible to prepare the rentals for pick up by 10am the day following your event

·      All furniture to be cleared of Food & Beverage items (glassware, place settings, alcohol, chafing dishes, garbage etc.)

·      All place settings must be empty, scraped of 3D food and re-boxed. Do not wash.

·      RG furniture and décor must be protected from inclement weather, dew, insects and animals. Outside event use is up to the discretion of RG and must be discussed at time of booking.

·      All floral vessels are rented unless otherwise stated. Flowers left in vessels at time of pick up will be disposed of.

·      All RG bins, boxes, moving blankets, tarps and packaging must be available for repacking at pick up.

5.    STANDARD RENTAL DURATION – Our standard rental duration 24 hours, however when possible RG is happy to provide Three Days: Delivery Day (1), Event Day (2), Return Day (3). Extended rentals are available and can be discussed with our coordinators.

6.    DESIGN ADJUSTMENTS – RG reserves the right to make modifications to your event design during the preparation, set up or execution of the event based on its sole professional and creative discretion.

7.    RESPONSIBILITY – You, the client, are responsible for returning ALL rented items in the quantities and conditions in which they were received. You are liable for the replacement cost of damaged, broken, or lost items, as determined by RG. You remain responsible for these items from the moment of delivery until the moment of receipt by RG personnel. All items are to be kept and stored in a safe and dry area until pickup. You assume full responsibility for all rented items, including their safe and proper use, operation, maintenance, and return to RG.

·      Wax or dark stains on linens are considered permanent damage.

·      Excessive wax on décor items may result in wax removal fees.

8.    DAMAGE/BREAKAGE – You, the client, will be responsible for providing your credit card information upon booking, which will be securely stored by RG, in case of damages or losses to rented equipment. If rental items are damaged or missing, RG will determine the repair or replacement cost and charge your credit card on file directly after your event. If missing items are located and returned to RG within 5 days of your event the replacement cost will be refunded.

If another client returns rental items damaged or broken prior to your rental date, we will try our best to have these items repaired, replaced or substituted in time for your event.

Substitution of these items by the client from other rental companies, resulting in any variance in price or delivery fee, will be the sole responsibility of the client. 

9.    PHOTOGRAPHY – Permission is herewith given to RG to use of any of the photographs and video taken by the designated Photographer and Videographer as samples of its work, for the purposes of showroom exhibits, advertising, publications, instructions, and/or professional competition. 

10. INDEMNITY – This rental contract forms the sole agreement between the customer and Rented Gatherings. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold Rented Gatherings and it’s contractors harmless for any claims from customer’s use or misuse, including any third parties for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property arising out of the customer's negligence or operation including legal costs incurred in defence of such claims.

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